Why Most Video Analysis Systems Fail:

  • Shaking cameras
  • Poor image qualit
  • Disturbing weather conditions and animals
  • The ‚simple tracking approach‘ does not work in real-life-scenarios
  • Incompatibility with existing systems or infrastructure
  • Installation effort is too high
  • Systems are too complex

See how KiwiSecurity's analysis approach tackles these challenges:

Stabilization & Optimization

In order to compensate poor image quality and shaking cameras, KiwiSecurity stabilizes and optimizes every single frame of the incoming video with intelligent algorithms.

Environmental Filters

Rain, fog and snow are the most frequent sources of false alerts in video analysis. KiwiSecurity develops the most advanced filter methods to provide a clear image.

3D Reconstruction

Every surveillance video is a projection of a three-dimensional space onto a   at image. The KiwiSecurity algorithms can assign spatial information, just as humans do.

Analyzing the Overall Picture

In addition to the image content, the overall image is analyzed in order to detect disturbances such as artifacts covering the camera, sudden changes of light or sabotage.

4D Object Generation

Just as the human eye, even the best detection algorithm does not deliver unambiguous results. Hence, a logical reasoning engine filters and inferences, to achieve optimal results.

Detection and Tracking of Particles

In the stabilized and optimized video motion can now be analyzed. Objects and particles are detected, tracked and their motion activity is recorded.

Graphic Visualization & Privacy Protection

In critical moments, every second counts. Therefore, the attention of the observer is directed at relevant events through additional information in the image.

Simple Configuration

Every system is only as powerful as its users are able to operate it. For KiwiSecurity the simplicity regarding configuration and operation is of highest priority.

Flexible Output (Easy Integration)

KiwiSecurity uses open standards and interfaces. This ensures that every KiwiSecurity product – from a single system to any integrated solution – can be used in any installation.

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