Solution Overview

    Terror prevention:
    Accurate & reliable detection of smallest left objects or luggage

    Border security:
    Protection of the EU/Schengen area, detection of illegal access

    Hybrid video monitoring system:
    Analog & IP cameras combined with video analytics,integration into a 3rd party system



    • Airports
    • Transportation
    • Logistics
    • Critical Infrastructure

    Deployed KiwiVision® Products:


    The premise of the airport covers an area of 2500 acres and employs around 4500 people on 4 terminals. It is the most important air-port of the country and is considered as one of the main hubs in Europe. On the location, 70 airline companies carry 30 million passengers into 172 destinations worldwide.


    The overwhelming number of cameras, video streams and monitored areas on the premise stretched security staff to the limits. The attempt to keep an eye on the more than 1000 provided video-streams, continuously overloaded the operators. The risk of dangerous events being unrecognized, was omnipresent.

    General safety threats included:

    • Left luggage in terminals
    • Left dangerous objects in elevators (even smallest items like lighters or razor blades – 5 pixels wide)
    • Illegal border crossing


    Automated detection of relevant events & real-time alerting of security staff. Hybrid system of analog and IP cameras, combined with high-tech video analytics.

    The KiwiVision® Direction Controller automatically detects illegal border crossing via conveyor belts or escalators → the analytics of the Direction Controller can cope with a dynamic, changing background. If a person is moving against the allowed direction of motion, an alarm is triggered and security staff is notified in real- time (alarm image & video sequence, time and place of the event).

    The KiwiVision® Object Detector automatically and accurately detects luggage that is left behind in terminals as well as potentially dangerous objects left behind in the border separating, maximum-security elevators. The software is robust and accurate at the same time and can compensate for shaking cameras as occuring in elevators → minimum amount of false alerts. If a dangerous or suspicious object is detected, the software automatically triggers an alarm and notifies security staff with the relevant information (alarm image & video sequence, time and place of the event).

    Through the KiwiVision® Connection Platform, KiwiSecurity ́s video analysis was integrated into PKE ́s SMS (Security Management System).