The KiwiVision® Connection Platform is the connecting link between camera, analysis and video management systems (e.g. Genetec Security Center, Milestone XProtect, Cisco VSOM).

The most important functions of the KiwiVision® Connection Platform include the connection to the camera , alarm- and meta data transfer to a video management system as well as unlimited multiplexing, which enables any number of analyses per camera.

Modular Scalability

From the mini-PC to a data center – the KiwiVision® Connection Platform can connect any number of servers forming a unified system and thus enables unlimited scalability. Therefore, there is no limit in number of cameras, analyses or recordings. The communication is encrypted with SSL, which prevents tapping or any other kind of IP-based manipulation. The KiwiVision® Connection Platform can be employed in a virtualized environment or as a cloud solution.

Standards & Integration

The KiwiVision® Connection Platform supports all important standards and popular camera models. As ONVIF member, KiwiSecurity employs open standards. This enables flexibility regarding the connection of cameras and integration into any video management system. Thus, even existing systems can be enhanced with KiwiVision® technology.

Input & Output

The following protocols are supported: RTSP / ONVIF / RTP / directly supported cameras (see KiwiSecurity partner area) / virtual IP Camera Protocol

Video & Data Formats

The KiwiVision® Connection Platform supports all popular video formats in any resolution (from CIF to Full HD and more): H.264 / MPEG-4 / MxPEG / H.263+ / M-JPEG / JPEG 2000

System Stability & Redundancy

The KiwiVision® Connection Platform offers redundancy on system level as protection against system failure and data loss. It is possible to replicate any component of the system any number of times in order to ensure system stability, which even meets the requirements of military applications.

Centralized System Configuration

The centralized system configuration allows an entire distributed KiwiVision® system to be configured by a single tool in a single location. This enables efficient working – even with large and complex systems.

Remote Installation & Configuration

Every KiwiVision® system can be installed, configured and launched via the Internet. This considerably contributes to the reduction of efforts regarding service and installation for KiwiSecurity partners and customers.

Intrusion Detector

Face Collector

Object Detector

Video Enhancer

Camera Health Monitor

Privacy Protector

Activity Visualizer

People Counter

Queue Detector

Direction Controller

License Plate Recognizer

Parking Space Analyzer

Traffic Analyzer

Vehicle Counter

Customized Solutions

Connection Platform