The KiwiVision® Face Collector automatically detects and files faces in a video stream.

In order to obtain an overview about who has passed a certain area at which time, the KiwiVision® Face Collector will collect and file all faces in your video stream and summarize the results within seconds.

Fields of Application

  • Entrances, turnstiles, locks
  • Security relevant areas: airports,
    banks, observation

The integrated search feature allows the extraction of time and place at which the face was detected and also the playback of the corresponding video sequence.

The Face Collector´s precise algorithms are also applied in combination with face recognition software in order to gain higher success rates for the detection of faces.

Even faces which are partially covered by sunglasses, beards, hoodies, can be detected reliably.


  • KiwiVision Connection Platform
  • Minimum resolution: 640 x 480 px
  • Minimum frame rate: 12 fps
  • Minimum size of faces: 20 x 20 px

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