The KiwiVision® License Plate Recognizer automatically recognizes license plates on vehicles from more than 130 countries and matches them with stored lists (blacklists / whitelists).

Based on the recognition of a license plate, a series of actions can be triggered. When employed for automated access control to parking areas, the License Plate Recognizer can automatically open a barrier for authorized vehicles (Whitelist). If a vehicle without authorization tries to gain access or is blacklisted, the access is denied or an alarm can be triggered.


Fields of Application

  • Traffic Management (cities, highways, toll roads)
  • Car parks, garages & parking lots
  • Access control
  • Vehicle searches

Governmental authorities benefit from the technology when searching for reported vehicles, or in combination with other modules when investigating in traffic violations (Stopping in non stopping zones, exceeding the allowed parking time, ignoring of a given direction). Detected license plates as well as lists for matching can conveniently be managed by users.

The KiwiVision® License Plate Recognizer is a software only solution and can be applied independently from camera manufacturer or type.

When applied in combination with LPR-optimized cameras which support high framerates, even license plates on high-speed roads can be detected smoothly.


  • KiwiVision Connection Platform
  • Minimum resolution: 640 x 480 px
  • Minimum frame rate: 12 fps
  • Minimum object size: 20×20 px
  • LPR-optimized cameras

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