The KiwiVision® Object Detector detects objects that are added or removed from a scene.

Depending on the scenario, the Object Detector can for instance detect if a dangerous object was left behind in a high security area, or also if a work of art was removed from its exhibition space.

Fields of Application

  • Airports, railway stations
  • Public buildings: ministries, embassies, courts
  • Museums, galleries
  • Research facilities

While the blurring of images caused by shaking cameras can be compensated, the algorithm exclusively concentrates on detecting changes in the scene.

The recognition algorithms of the KiwiVision® Object Detector are extremely sensitive and can detect even small objects such as lighters or pocket knives.


  • KiwiVision Connection Platform
  • Minimum resolution: 320×240 px
  • Minimum frame rate: 1 fps
  • Minimum object size: 5 x 5px

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