The KiwiVision® Parking Space Analyzer detects if a parking space is occupied, individual parking duration as well as vehicles parked in no-parking zones.

The Parking Space Analyzer is the ideal solution for the management of parking areas. Existing cameras can be upgraded with the functionality without the need of implementing additional sensors.

Fields of Application

  • Parking lots, car parks
  • Airports, railway stations, park-and-ride facilities
  • Public administration

Since it is possible to define a maximum parking duration for individual parking spaces, also short-term parking spaces or no-parking zones in public areas can be managed with the Parking Space Analyzer. In case a vehicle is parked for too long or parked in a no-parking zone, the module will automatically trigger an event / alarm.


  • Detection of occupied parking spaces
  • Detection of parked vehicles in no-parking zones


  • KiwiVision Connection Platform
  • Minimum resolution: 640 x 480 px
  • Minimum frame rate: 7 fps
  • Minimum object size: 100 x 100 px

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