KiwiSecurity is participating in numerous research projects to expand it´s TECHNOLOGICAL LEAD

Privacy & Data Protection

From the beginning, privacy protection has been one of the most important concerns of KiwiSecurity. The focus in this research area has led to the leading product KiwiVision® Privacy Protector®.

KiwiSecurity doesn‘t stop here – we push research even further in this area in order to protect people’s privacy more efficiently. Different methods of detecting, tracking and obscuring people or vehicles are investigated, as well as the entire process of privacy management in large-scale systems. Ultimately, even in critical situations, it is not necessary to intrude into the privacy of uninvolved people in a video observation, without sacrificing the level of security.

Cloud & Virtualization

The future-oriented topic cloud computing and the associated virtualization are central topics for KiwiSecurity. In the future, we believe it will be possible to manage entire video surveillance systems in data centers.

Technical and legal challenges will be solved and the first intelligent SaaS video analysis system in the cloud will be offered by KiwiSecurity. Through a hosted video analysis solution small installations can be implemented cost-effectively. Small facilities can use the benefits of high-end video analysis by paying a small monthly fee, without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

3D Vision

3D analysis is one of the major areas of computer vision research. Thereby a 3D reconstruction of a scene is automatically created in order to enhance the analysis of an observed scene.

Data from multiple cameras is fused into a single coherent model. Hence, instead of analyzing every camera individually, the larger context can be taken into account. If a reference object (i.e. an object with a known size) is defined, the size of every other object in the scene can automatically be calculated.
3D scene calculations are already employed in KiwiSecurity products today (e.g. KiwiVision® Intrusion Detector). Regarding 3D vision, KiwiSecurity supports Frequentis in the SESAR Joint Undertaking, the largest European air traffic control research venture to develop a system for remote tower operation.